A new program can help simplify private and in-house practice collaboration

There is a new program that is cloud-based and has been designed to help simplify collaboration between external legal teams and in-house counsel.

Dazychain is the new program’s name. It intends to streamline and improve productivity in the legal industry while simplifying complex business and legal workflow processes in the cooperation of private and in-house legal teams.

The program works in such a way that it enables accurate reporting while providing clear visibility of costs and deadlines. In addition, it centralises documents, tasks, and communications. Thus, the program centralises every aspect of business management in one secure repository.

Dazychain also gives legal teams the opportunity to generate on-demand reports, track invoices, assign tasks to external and internal users and create customised workflow templates.

“Dazychain is an awesome example of how great, cloud-based programs are creating new opportunities for business productivity, governance and collaboration,” said Kevin Udell, Telstra’s executive director.

Mr. Udell added that lawyers should embrace technology since it provides new ways that help to simplify their daily activities in the legal industry. It is true that technology is reshaping the way we do business nowadays and it is creating powerful and smart ways to lower costs, improve productivity and streamline processes.

Managing within a limited budget and collaboration on complex issues is critical for legal teams and partners. Hence, the Dazychain tool will come in handy given that it offers real-time solutions, it is responsive and intuitive.

“In-house legal teams will highly benefit from this program because it helps to provide a competitive advantage,” said Ian Goddard, CEO of software firm Yarris.

The program is specially designed to help manage delivery by automating and linking components. This ensures there is real focus on greater efficiencies and better cost management. In fact, there is no need to hire many professionals to handle every aspect of a transaction because this program helps to cover some of the critical legal and business services.

Mr. Goddard said that they felt their customers needed a better way to run their departments and practices. Hence, they managed to create the product that their customers wanted by using the expertise they built up in managing complex services for firms.

He says that they would enable legal teams to adapt to the changing times and the new era of technology by creating a new way of delivering services. He added that they started developing the program back in 2013.

“It’s been more than three years since we started developing Dazychain and we are proud to see it serve the legal industry and simplify more tasks,” Goddard said.

Some of the businesses that have embraced the new technology include Adelaide and Bendigo Bank and they have achieved many benefits since they started using the cloud-based program.

The best thing about Dazychain is that it has one central base for all its information and communication that can be accessed by their solicitors, management, and team members.

The company now has less double-entry and double-handling of information, greater data integrity, and more robust and stronger file management.

Written by Joseph Craig

Joseph Craig is a writer, blogger, legal researcher and best-selling author of dozens of technology, law, digital marketing and self-development books and courses. You can contact him at josephcraigwrites@gmail.com

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