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Unless you became a partner of an established law firm most lawyers start out taking on every client that walks in the door. Convincing yourself “I Gotta start somewhere”……..Right?

Now that’s where many lawyers get it wrong. Great lawyers understand that they shouldn’t pursue any get-rich quick schemes. Instead, they make a habit of chasing their goals and dreams.

In fact, one of the biggest mistakes I see beginners make is thinking that they should have many clients before they’re ready to serve them. Then, of course they just hope that the clients will buy into their idea.

Test your ideas.

Testing your ideas is the core component of being able to triple your law firm’s income quickly.

Sometimes you can’t see the glaring problems with your clients when you are deep into the intricacies of your legal service. That’s why I always advise many lawyers to seek customer feedback before they proceed towards launching a certain idea or even decide to invest time and money into a project.

But I always say that you don’t need to invest a lot of money for testing your market. You can simply ask one of your best clients, “Does this project interest you?”

That’s where your online presence comes in.

Choose the right mechanism for your law firm’s online presence.

For this, it is advisable to use Aussie Lawyer Directory. Many law firms have been able to promote their legal services online, thanks to Aussie Lawyer Directory. The website is powered by Aussie Lawyer Blog, as are many of the most powerful law websites in Australia. Many law firms take pride in using Aussie Lawyer Directory because it is the easiest system to use and their support team is excellent.

Free up your time.

Often times, bad clients tend to eat up time they are not paying for, whether the back-and-forth is depleting your emotional resources or they are taking up extra hours with additional demands.

When this time-wasting client is gone, you can use your extra hours to put extra emphasis into your reliable and stable clients, chase down new leads, or overhaul your work flow. And then you will get rewarded for your awesome work—more reliable and satisfied clients because you dig deep into their cases.

Boost your confidence and your ability to market your law firm.

Bad clients make us feel like we are below average as they zap our mojo. They make us question the value we bring, how we run our business and what we know.

Remember this: As a lawyer, you represent your law firm. Clients seek your services and pay for your legal advice and consulting services because they need the legal services you offer. But, the most important thing is that good clients approach you because there is something unique about your law firm that they like.

Also, remember that when you let bad clients ruin your reputation or make you question the quality of your services, then you stand a chance to lose potential clients. It is advisable that you revisit a case that you were especially proud to ignite your confidence when you’re feeling low. Remind yourself of your accomplishments by rereading your past testimonials. With time, you will realise how having a great client feels like.

Two of the top reasons law firms prefer working with Aussie Lawyer Directory are:

  1. The website makes it easy for law firms to list their services, including their location to readily available clients.
  2. The system is efficient since one can quickly multiply their law firm earnings by getting stable and reliable clients.

It is highly recommended that you start with Aussie Lawyer Directory and work with them to promote your business online and create an efficient online marketing strategy for your law firm. That’s what many law firms all over Australia have done and it’s made a great difference. They often improve the quality of their services in terms of structure, feel and also look.

They also implement other forms of online marketing to help you establish a solid client base. These forms of online marketing include: Whitepapers; Infographics; Landing Pages; and Videos.

Don’t waste your money on immeasurable marketing techniques.

Don’t do it if you can’t figure out how to measure it. Too many lawyers don’t track the cause of their success. Hence, this makes them to spend money on things that don’t work as well as some that work.

You need to measure every marketing technique that you use so as to easily identify those that don’t work and eliminate them.

Aussie Lawyer Directory is one of the best marketing techniques that you can always embrace to market your law firm effectively.

Focus on your law firm’s growth.

Lawyers tend to become about just getting through the day when they are dealing with bad clients. Hence, they get very little time to think about their firm’s growth because they spend more time trying to make sure the bad client doesn’t impact their other work.

This is a sacrifice you cannot afford to make when you are eying to be a successful lawyer.

You don’t just expand your client base, get more cheques and triple your law firm’s earning by accident. It all starts with choosing the correct path and taking strategic planning and work. This can’t happen without charting your course and picking your head up. You will have to avoid distractions in order to get back on the right track.

So, how do you actually fix it? It’s easier than you think.

If you haven’t listed your law firm with Aussie Lawyer Directory, you are probably not reaching your full potential online, getting less than the best results, or spending too much money. So save yourself the hustle and check out Aussie Lawyer Directory, read their news blog, email newsletters, and list your business with ALD to get your online marketing on the right track for sustainable and optimal growth.


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