Victorian Legal Profession is Ready to Welcome the Next Chief Justice

The state of Victoria has started preparing for the next Chief Justice who is expected to enter the office in October.

Victorian Legal Profession

Marilyn Warren AC is the incumbent Chief Justice of Victoria. She is expected to pave way for the next CJ Anne Ferguson.

Hence, the news confirms that Anne will be appointed to head one of the most crucial judicial offices in the state. It is only one month to go for Victorian Supreme Court to swear in a new Chief Justice.

Justice Ferguson worked as a partner and solicitor at Allens before sitting at the Supreme Court bench in back in 2010. Later in 2014, Justice Ferguson saw her way into the Court of Appeal as a commercial and insolvency litigation expert.

She will set a record as the first solicitor to get appointed as the 12th judge in Victoria and top judge to hold the position.

Earlier this week, an announcement was made about the next chief justice for Victoria. The Judicial College of Victoria, the Australian Bar Association, and the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) applauded Justice Ferguson’s future appointment by issuing their welcoming statements.

“I am happy to see a solicitor being appointed to the highest judicial office in Victoria,” said LIV President Belinda Wilson. She added that the highest jurisdiction in the state needed great leaders like Justice Ferguson. It’s a great thing seeing a former solicitor getting appointed as the Chief Justice.

Ms. Wilson said that she has interacted with Justice Ferguson for quite some time. During her years on the Supreme Court bench, Justice Ferguson showed that she knew her job well. She has a strength of character, personal work ethic, and formidable intellect.

“I have always known Justice Ferguson as an exceptional choice,” said the president of Australian Bar Association and Victorian barrister Alstergren QC.

Justice Ferguson has always proven to deliver excellent work as an appellant and trial judge. She is therefore expected to bring her experience and outstanding knowledge regarding the law. Indeed, she perfectly fits the role of chief justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Mr. Alstergren said the Australian Bar Association is ready to welcome Her Honour’s appointment with great enthusiasm.

“We will miss Chief Justice Warren’s passionate and authentic advocacy for learning in the judiciary,” said CEO Samantha Burchell while speaking of the incumbent CJ.

The Judicial College praised the good leadership of Chief Justice Warren.

“I look forward to working with the next Chief Justice in the coming years,” said Ms. Burchell. As a member of the Judicial College board, Chief Justice Warren demonstrated great leadership skills and expertise in the area of judicial education.

Take note that Marilyn Warren has served as the Victorian chief justice for 15 years. Mr. Alstergren congratulated the incumbent chief justice for her great service to the Victorian judicial system. He expressed profound respect for Her Honour’s leadership on behalf of the entire legal profession.

The Victorian highest court has benefited from an exemplary leadership delivered by Chief Justice Warren. Now, the state is preparing to swear in a new Chief Justice in October.

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