We will focus on Implementing Bill of Rights, says LCA

The Law Council of Australia has claimed that there have been many issues regarding human rights that needed immediate attention.

Last week included a lot of legal activities. The major activity was that of LCA – a leading body for Australian lawyers. The Law Council of Australia has claimed that there have been many issues regarding human rights that needed immediate attention. Hence, they have decided to put the bill of rights on top of their task list.

The LCA has stated that they will focus on the legal profession and human rights. They have put it out clearly that they are in the process of advocating for a federal charter or bill of rights.

The Law Council of Australia has also urged the states and territories that haven’t developed their own charters to come out and join hands with the legal body.

The reason why LCA is pushing for a national bill of rights is because many Australian states haven’t created their own charters. As a matter of fact, there are only two states that have developed a legislative instrument that outlines its citizen’s rights. The states include ACT and Victoria.

“We are glad that our new statement is in line with the good timing of Australia’s bid for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council,” said LCA President Fiona McLeod SC while speaking to Aussie Lawyer Blog.

In the recent past, Australia has been actively involved in human rights issues and the nation has made advancements regarding the issue.

Now, the LCA has come out to push for awareness of human rights in every state.

The LCA believes that Australia should be part of the UN Human Rights Council. That’s why they are endorsing a constructive and central role for the nation in the international human rights system.

Ms McLeod said that it is important to implement and execute the commitments and legal principles on human rights. She added that this will help Australia show its boldness on the human rights bill as the nation seeks a seat on the UN Human Rights Council.

Last week, the LCA’s council directors approved a statement prepared by the council’s human rights committee.

“We already have a Policy Statement on Human Rights and the Legal Profession. Its main purpose is to provide a clear framework for examining the achievements of legal practice, policy, and legislation,” said Ms McLeod.

The LCA president said that the Law Council believes all human rights are interrelated, interdependent, indivisible and universal. She added that they are ready to work with organisations that are familiarised with international law and practice in regard to human rights.

She said that the Law Council’s tasks in the policy space, from metadata to marriage equality to asylum seekers were guided by the principles in the human rights framework.

Hence, the Law Council will always work to ensure that government action and legislation gets implemented in line with human rights.

The Council’s statement also urged all Australian corporations and other business entities to play their part in accordance with the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

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