New Online Admission for NSW Lawyers


Now NSW lawyers will experience easy admission, thanks to the new online admission portal. General Gabrielle Upton, an NSW lawyer, has said that there is a new online portal for admitting lawyers into the state. She added that the online service will be more convenient and faster hence improving the admission process. Ms Upton said that the new online service will be launched in early October by the Legal Profession Admission Board. She continued to praise the new online portal saying that it would deliver relevant benefits for future law graduates and even the current ones.

“For the first time, the admission process will enter the 21st Century given that law graduates will be able to apply online,” said Ms Upton. Law graduates in NSW will easily begin their legal career, thanks to the new online service.

In the past, it used to take a whole year whereby seven rounds were held for the admission board to admit at least 2,400 lawyers in NSW. But now the new online portal gives the new graduates an opportunity to apply any time they want and they can get feedback within three to four weeks, depending on their application.

The online portal allows users to understand the exact evidence they need to apply in order to support their application. This is accomplished by simply generating a personal checklist for very applicant.

In addition, new applicants will receive regular updates by mail notifying them on the progress of their applications. The best part is that the portal will collect criminal records for applicants hence saving the applicants time that they would rather spend getting them from the police.

Starting October, the Supreme Court of NSW will hold ceremonies every four weeks and there will be more constant admission. “This will give new graduates the opportunity to choose when they wish to get admitted to the state,” said Ms Upton. 18 November 2016 will be the first admission day for the new law graduates wishing to get admitted.

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