The New Lockout Laws for Queensland

According to the new strict lockout laws announced by Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Premier, there is a new law that will see last drinks in all entertainment precints served at 3:00am. The new law comes with harsh consequences whereby convicted drug offenders can be banned from accessing entertainment joints. Also, there will be more restrictions that will be introduced in February next year, which will be concerning 1:00am lockouts. In the meantime, the lockout covers 2:00am last drinks outside entertainment joints. In addition, new lockout laws will be introduced by July 1 this year concerning 3:00am last drinks in all entertainment joints.

Hence, with the new law, all clubs and pubs will serve their last drinks at 2:00am and that should be outside entertainment precints. Queensland residents should put in mind that convicted drug offenders can be banned from Safe Night precincts if they fail to abide by the new law. The decision was arrived at under the measures agreed upon with both Australian Party MPs.

The main objective behind the 3am lockout is to protect hospitality workers, the community and patrons from various types of harms related to alcohol consumption. In addition, the lockout applies to all late-night-trading licensed joints across Queensland. Residents should also take note that the Queensland 3:00am lockout laws restrict the entry or re-entry of patrons after the stipulated time. However, the other fact about this new law is that it allows liquor licensees to continue trading past 3:00am, provided that they have late-night-trading approval. For example, patrons will not be permitted to re-enter your venue or any other venue once they go outside to meet up with friends, move their car, or even smoke.

On the other hand, the 3am lockout comes with a few exemptions hence the following venues are exempted from the lockout:

  • Airport terminals;
  • Residential accommodation sections of premises that are licensed;
  • Casinos; and
  • BYO Restaurants.

Also, the following people are allowed to access licensed areas after the restricted time:

  • Emergency personnel and police who are carrying on with their official duties;
  • Office of Gaming and Liquor Regulation investigators; and
  • Employees of licensed premises.

Venues that don’t trade past 3am are not left out because there are licensed conditions that can be applied to them whereby the Commissioner for Gaming and Liquor can order earlier lockouts.

Queensland permit holders and licensees should take note that they can face penalties of up to $11,780 if they fail to comply with the Queensland 3:00am lockout laws.

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