Lawyers Have Been Advised to Effectively Market their Legal Practice

Win more clients? Why not they say.


Australian Lawyers have been advised to effectively market their legal practice in order to win more clients. They need to implement effective and powerful strategies that will put them on top of their game. Aussie Lawyer Blog consulted with one of the leading global recognisable brands on how firms can market themselves. Here are some of the actionable strategies that lawyers can implement to make their legal practice perceptible.

Clients need more than legal experience from lawyers.

Lawyers should take note that clients are not only interested in them because of their legal skills but they may consider other skills, including the level of client service. Lawyers should always ensure that they relate positively with their clients and take some time to understand their needs accordingly. Clients want more than the legal qualification – they look into other issues such as service, trust and confidence. Clients are always satisfied when they get good service from their lawyers. Most of the clients often search for lawyers that can serve them at the best level possible.

Focus on delivering more value to clients.

It is important for lawyers to focus their energy in ensuring that their clients get the best value from their services. Offering valuable content to clients not only makes them happy but it increases chances of retaining the client. It is critically important that lawyers understand their clients’ business and work towards delivering high quality service that’s going to be helpful and valuable to them. For example, firms can consider doing thorough research on their clients’ industry and then use the information to help them understand their own businesses better. It pays big time when lawyers take the opportunity to study their clients by knowing their business industry and what matters to them.

Help clients build their businesses.

Actually, this is one of the most important skills that big legal brands embrace in order to get more clients. No one will approach a lawyer who won’t contribute towards building their businesses. Law firms are advised to build recognisable legal brands along the marketing department and business development department.

Solve problems at a global basis.

Nowadays, leading law firms extend their wings to serve clients and solve problems at an international level. Lawyers should look at the bigger picture by expanding their services to solve major issues facing the global market. Reaching out to international clients helps lawyers build a strong legal brand that is globally recognised. There are many channels that one can follow to solve international issues. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the United States, whether it’s in Europe or the Middle East.

Work at an integrated fashion.

Clients often get attracted to lawyers who do work a little harder on their behalf. Therefore, it is advisable for lawyers to go an extra mile and dig deep to offer their clients valuable service. Lawyers can easily get referrals from their past clients when they surpass their expectations. Lawyers should ensure they get consistent experience from one industry to the next.

Written by Joseph Craig

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