Clients are looking for lawyers offering convenient services

Competence is believed to be the cornerstone of a successful law firm. As much as it might turn out to be an obvious statement, many medium-sized and small firms consider it to be a fundamental measure of competitiveness.

Often times, clients need their lawyers to be accurate—it’s not a new thing. It’s not what sets them apart because many lawyers try to deliver their best most of the time. “What matters is how the lawyers make their services convenient to their clients, how they meet the wants and needs of clients,” said Sydney lawyer Rolf Howard.

Lawyers should take note that consumers look for responsive service that meets their needs accordingly. Therefore, every client is looking for a lawyer who is service-focused and convenient.

Mr Rolf said that being service-focused has seen their firm grow beyond Hurstville and Sydney to also offer their services to Wollongong residents. Today, the firm employs over 30 solicitors. They got a chance to merge with Walker Kissane & Plummer and the result is tremendous. They have gained exposure in the Burwood area after the merger. The firm services a diverse range of clients and practices in commercial, estates, wills, business and family law. “We do not only concentrate on the quality of service that we offer our clients, but we also pay attention on how the service will reach them,” said Mr Howard.

Many law firms use the back-to-basics approach whereby they make their services easily available to their clients. The business strategy is awesome in the sense that it helps firms remain competitive in their practice areas. Many lawyers understand that the client is the person to whom they are aiming their activities and marketing promotion at. Therefore, they have to identify who their clients are and learn something about their basic characteristics. Modern lawyers are expected at all times to acquire great skills, including catering to clients who poorly manage time.

Mr Howard suggested that senior lawyers should gain more experience and pass it on to their juniors because that will help improve the quality of service that clients will receive from the legal industry.

Written by Joseph Craig

Joseph Craig is a writer, blogger, legal researcher and best-selling author of dozens of technology, law, digital marketing and self-development books and courses. You can contact him at josephcraigwrites@gmail.com

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