Avoid Outsourcing work to non-lawyers, says SA Law Society President

The president of the Law Society of South Australia Tony Rossi has urged firms to desist from outsourcing legal work to people who are not professionals in the legal industry.

While giving his 2017 message to members, the SA Law Society President outlined the key objectives that he will perform when in office.

“This year, my greatest priority will entail preserving the integrity of legal services,” said Mr. Rossi.

In the recent past, there has been an increase in the number of non-lawyers taking up tasks meant for lawyers.

Mr. Rossi said that he is honoured to continue the proud history of the Law Society and that it was a privilege to serve as the president of the Law Society.

He urged the members to be vigilant in order to protect the independence of the justice system. He told them that they were lucky to live in a country that gives respect to the rule of law and ensures all citizens get their rights under the law.

“The legal profession should be handled with utmost care. It is important for everyone to understand the risks that are exposed to the profession, as a result of outsourcing legal work to non-lawyers,” said the Law Society president.

Mr. Rossi added that there has been a proliferation of ‘DIY’ kits and that there has also been an increase in outsourcing work traditionally conducted by lawyers to be performed by non-lawyers.

Mr. Rossi said that the key focus of his presidency will entail improving the necessity and values of having qualified lawyers get assigned legal work. He added that people can be exposed to serious risks when non-lawyers prepare important legal documents without legal advice.

Abiding by the rule of law is another key objective that Mr. Rossi outlined. He said that the Law Society has a long history of resisting laws that erode the fundamental rights of citizens and undermine the independence of the judiciary.

The Law Society president said that he intends to be a strong advocate for preventing undue interference that may cause mishap to the justice system. He added that the judiciary should be fearless, impartial and independent when it comes to delivering legal services.

“There should be a greater regulation that will ensure everything is in order and that everyone gets quality service from the judiciary,” said Mr. Rossi.

The Law Society is indeed one of the best sectors that contribute to the regulatory regime. It is beneficial to have a proper regulatory regime to ensure lawyers deliver high-quality legal services to their clients.

It is important to take note that the legal profession is one of the most regulated professions in Australia.

Mr. Rossi said that he will concentrate on improving access to legal services. He also highlighted that the existing court building has numerous structural defects and aging infrastructure that should be improved.

“I will fight to see that we get a new court precinct that will enhance the level of service offered by legal practitioners,” said Mr. Rosi.

He concluded that he would stand with the SA Law Society members to ensure that there is high-quality service in the legal sector. He also urged the members to embrace the spirit of co-operation and collegiality and stand up for the rule of law and the legal profession.

Written by Joseph Craig

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