More Aussie Lawyers are Needed by London Legal Market

The London legal market is creating unique opportunities for more Australian lawyers given the fact that Australian and English law have distinct similarities.

“Given the similarities between English and Australian law, not forgetting their high standard of legal education, Australian lawyers are in high demand in UK’s biggest city and legal market,” said Michael Gorrie, who happens to be an associate at Allen & Overy London.

While speaking to Aussie Lawyer Blog, Mr Gorrie said that London has always held Aussie lawyers in high regard for quite a long time.

According to one recruitment agency and two firms, the London market has always remained fairly accessible to Australian lawyers – both as laterals and at the graduate level.

This is testament to the relative similarity between English and Australian law, the quality of legal education in Australia and the quality of legal professionals trained in Australia.

Having embraced the opportunity when it was presented to him by his current firm in London, Mr Gorrie knows what it takes to work for a London firm, given his experience since he started working in the city.

“It is true that I have been presented numerous opportunities to work as an Aussie lawyer since I started working here in London. I believe the same is available for my fellow Australian lawyers if they decide to follow my path,” said Mr Gorrie.

As a matter of fact, Aussie lawyers can continue working for their Australian firms while operating from their London office, since more international firms are entering the Australian market.

Mr Gorrie said that this is a great opportunity since it helps in expanding the Australian legal market while showcasing to the world, the quality of Australian legal professionals. In addition, Australian firms will get the chance to build and maintain relationships with colleagues in London.

Hence, this clearly entails that there are substantial opportunities for Aussie Lawyers to build strong relationships with their counterparts overseas.

The good thing about this is that the London legal market is a bit larger than the Australian legal market in numerous ways. Some examples include the number of disputes heard by the English courts, the number of deals subject to English Law or done out of London, and the number of Lawyers that London presents.

With that critical mass of data and personnel, dispute and investment portrays an awesome chance for Aussie lawyers to develop professionally and personally in a unique way, learn from others’ experiences, exchange views, and socialise with different kinds of people working in the legal profession.

According to Tony Griffiths, administrative partner at K&L Gates London, there are more opportunities created as an impact of large London market conditions, including the impact of Brexit.

Mr Griffiths added that the London legal market will continue seeking internationally focused lawyers if the critical Brexit question of whether the UK will choose to go for immigration controls or EU market access is left to one side or not solved amicably.

Conclusively, London demands continued recruitment for non-UK trained lawyers given its reputation demands and its international position.

Written by Joseph Craig

Joseph Craig is a writer, blogger, legal researcher and best-selling author of dozens of technology, law, digital marketing and self-development books and courses. You can contact him at josephcraigwrites@gmail.com

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