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Anti-abortion activist loses his bid against being deported from Australia

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Recently, anti-abortion activist Troy Newman found himself on the wrong side of the law when he decided to show consummate disregard for the Australian law. Troy lost a last minute bid to retain his stay in Australia and avoid his deportation but the high court found that he had went against the law, hence his stay in Australia wouldn’t be viewed as legal and just. The reason behind this is because Mr. Newman decided to travel into Australia despite his visa being cancelled. There were concerns that the visit of Troy Newman to Australia in regards to his “speaking tour” could incite community harm, hence the Australian authorities decided to revoke his visa. The US citizen was detained at Melbourne airport after landing in Australia, ready to carry on with his anti-abortion campaign.

It was confirmed on Saturday by a spokeswoman for the Australian immigration minister, that Troy had departed Australia and took a flight back to the US. Shortly after arriving in Australia without a valid visa, Mr. Newman lost his bid in the high court against his deportation from Australia. As a matter of fact, this will see the controversial activist pay the commonwealth’s legal fees due to his conduct in regards to going against the law. Given the fact that he had traveled to Australia with knowledge that his visa had been revoked, Mr. Newman showed disregard for the Australian laws,” said Justice Geoffrey Nettle while making his decision in the high court in Melbourne on Friday. In addition, “he does not come to this court with clean hands,” said Nettle.

On the other hand, the high court justice said that the campaigner was aware his visa was revoked when he decided to record a video of him being stopped at Denver airport in regards to his “illegal visa”. Nettle also said that before Mr. Newman decided to travel to Australia, the airline crew made an effort by trying to urge him to contact the Australian embassy. Troy Newman had “no right to treat it as nought despite disagreeing with the cancellation of his visa,” Nettle said. The justice said that Mr. Newman was “avidly and determinately” intent on travelling to Australia. In fact, “he is the author of his own predicament and misfortune,” said Nettle.

After it emerged that Newman had advocated that abortion doctors in the US be tried as murders, which had a potential in leading them to execution, the immigration Authorities cancelled his visa on Tuesday 29 September 2015, just as he was about to fly out of the US to start a 10-day speaking tour in Australia on Thursday 1 October 2015. However, a member of the anti-abortion group that organised the public seminars, Mary Collier from Right to Life Australia, expressed her disappointment in regards to the high court’s decision. She told reporters in Melbourne that they were much looking forward to hearing Troy speak and champion his campaign in Australia.

Conclusively, the rejection of Newman’s visa is nothing new because it followed few days after the revocation of the popular U.S. hip-hop star Chris brown’s visa, reason being that the artist’s history involving domestic violence could be viewed negatively by the Australian society. Following a spate of high-profile deaths, Malcolm Turnbull, the newly installed Australian Prime Minister has renewed efforts to fight domestic violence.

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