Who is a Real Estate Lawyer?

Planning to buy a new house always involves intensive research from the buyer’s end. Each state has its own set of rules that need to be followed when we go about purchasing a property or us.

People might be of different views about whether they should seek the services of a Real Estate Lawyer or not. Real Estate Lawyers assist their clients to evaluate the situations involving housing and mortgage before the clients could give their nod to the housing project. This provides the customer a better idea about some special cases that may follow.


How to select a good Real Estate Lawyer?

Real estate is always considered unique. The real estate possession for people usually means ownership for home. It is never a bad option to have the precise legal aid by your side whenever one is indulging into real estate and property.

With a plethora of options available, it is quite relevant to have the most effective Real Estate Lawyer by your side. Few actions on the part of the client could really help him in selecting an appropriate Real Estate Lawyer.


  1. Notice the property type and legal issue:

A person can always begin his task to search for the right lawyer by noticing the type of real estate and legal issues that he is associated with. Real Estate Lawyers tend to practice in different legal areas and not every legal or real estate issues are similar. The Real Estate Lawyers may target their practices on a variety of subcategories:

  • Residential
  • Landlord-tenant
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture

Having an idea about the type of case to be pursued helps to save a lot of precious time.

  1. Prepare a list of candidates:

Even if you have no clue about any particular Real Estate Lawyer, even then a person can always run down a search of all the qualified lawyers with the help of internet. This can really help the concerned person in knowing vital details about the Real Estate Lawyer he is going to appoint.


  1. Meet and take the decision:

Once an individual short lists some appropriate candidates, he can always arrange an meeting with them and select the most appropriate ones from them. A phone interview may also help in case a person cannot go personally and meet a lawyer.

Questions like fees, steps to be followed in the case can always be discussed earlier so that no conflict of interest is registered at a later stage.


Questions we can ask a real estate attorney:

A lot of people tend to deal with property lawyers quite often. Many Real Estate Lawyers lack adequate training or exposure to deal with most complex cases which could prove expensive for the person hiring him. A number of important questions can really help to narrow down the chances of hiring an inefficient lawyer.

  1. How experienced you are?

Before hiring an attorney, it is quite relevant to determine how much experience does the attorney have? An experienced lawyer certainly helps to achieve the result the hiring client wishes for. Even while dealing with easier cases like those involving a purchase agreement, people will never mind if their lawyer is having an experience of at least 2 to 3 years.

However, it is not mandatory to appoint a lawyer with years of experience behind him. A lawyer with relatively less experience can help to save a few bucks than his senior counterpart.


  1. How many similar cases have you handled?

Inquiring if an attorney has undertaken similar cases is not a bad option. If an attorney has experience in handling same cases as that of his current client, then he can instill a belief in his client that he will not let any problem take over and will be able to easy the whole process eventually.


  1. How many will you charge?

The most vital aspect for a person looking to appoint a Real Estate Lawyer is the fees he may charge. A person should ensure that he knows the charges for the entire lawsuit to be charged by his lawyer. A lot of attorneys prefer to work on an hourly basis which means they charge a certain sum for every hour they work on the case. The typical charges range from $150 to $200.


Qualities of a professional Real Estate Lawyer:

  1. Problem Solver:

An efficient Real Estate Lawyer can always find solutions to difficult problems with breaking much sweat. The creativity of these types of lawyers play a great role in delivering desired results for the clients.


  1. Knowledge of Subject:

A Real Estate Lawyer possessing adequate knowledge of his subject or case can always earn accolades for the quality of his work. A case can be handled with much expertise when the lawyer understands all the details like the back of hand.


  1. Keen to carry on:

A Real Estate Lawyer who relishes his work will always come out with greater results than those who are taking cases just for the sake of it.


A Real Estate Lawyer plays a prominent role in making his client understand all the scenarios that may prove a hurdle in purchasing a property. Thus, having a trustworthy property lawyer by your side is always going to be a win-win situation for the person hiring him.