Estate Lawyers

Who is an Estate Lawyer?

An Estate lawyer is one, who deals with clients of all spheres with a motive to come up estate planning policies that assist to defend the client’s resources, makes the individual’s inheritance intact and helps to reduce the tax burden respectively.

Estate lawyers can turn up to provide sound advice on significant estate planning documents and tools. Other roles of an estate lawyer are to help the perpetrators in organizing the assets of the estate, aiding in making changes in the final distribution of the Estate. The estate lawyer also has no compulsion to deal with benefactor.


Qualities of an Estate Lawyer to look for:

An Estate planning lawyer’s experience always comes in handy, when it comes to handling tricky family and financial situations. The estate lawyer must understand the procedure of going about things in case of sensitive cases. He should be able to make his client, comfortable enough to share even the minuscule of details, so that the estate plan does not come to a halt.

Apart from this, the estate planning attorney should be familiar with the norms of the state. Else, the estate plan will fall flat before achieving its objective.


How to find an appropriate Estate Planning Lawyer:

Looking for an able Estate Planning Lawyer can be worrisome on most occasions than not. But with the assistance of few resources, this daunting task could be achieved.

  1. Referral from friends, family and acquaintances:

The biggest flattering remark that an estate planning attorney can relish is a referral from a satisfied client. Our members from the family, our close friends and even the acquaintances we meet can help us to contact an Estate Planning lawyer that suits our requirements.

  1. Enquiring from other attorneys we have worked in the past:

If past circumstances have given us an opportunity to work with one or more attorneys on different legal matters, then we can always consider asking for their help. Lawyers are always considered the best bet to assist people, even if it means to provide referrals to clients. Probability is high that, we may succeed in getting the right Estate planning lawyer we are looking for.

  1. Look for options online:

Internet is the best medium for finding a suitable Estate Planning lawyer as it provides a whole of options available in the state. Now, with many popular lawyers having their online portals, it has become all the more easier to contact them through the means of internet.

  1. State or Bar Association coming to the rescue:

The state or bar association can always come to the aid of an individual in finding an apt Estate Planning lawyer for him. Almost every association upholds a list of their respective members and their area of expertise. An individual can always gain access to this list through the means of his state’s association.


How much to pay for hiring an Estate Lawyer?

There are a lot of issues that need to be dealt with, every time we decide on the pay cheque of our estate lawyer. Apart from the lawyer’s experience in his area of expertise, the various business functioning also determine what an attorney could charge for his services.

While most attorneys do not charge anything for the first meeting, this trend seems to be changing as one should be ready to churn out a small amount in the initial meeting itself. A lot of attorneys charge a flat fee for disclosing their estate plans. On the other hand, there are some who charge on an hourly basis depending upon the complexity of the case.

It would not be a bad idea on the part of the client to ask for standard hourly rates for the services of the attorney. This will provide a picture to the client about the number of hours the attorney anticipates the firm to spend on the estate plan.


The enigma of estate disputes:

 There are times when a client whose rights have been violated can only avail justice through the courts. Vying for an estate through a claim can take different routes altogether and gives rise to different situations:

  • A person lacking the skills of inducing a will or a beneficial position due to hampering of mental health
  • Due to unjustified influence on the person who is indulged in making a will, trust or any beneficial designation.
  • Negligence on the part of an administrator in tackling the financial situation of the estate

There exist different forms of situations that eventually lead to estate disputes. A knowledgeable and experienced estate lawyer can always assist and guide his client through every step, be it getting legitimate claims versus an estate and in protecting the interests of those who wish to seek beneficiaries from a loved one’s demise.

It would not be wrong to point out that estate lawyers are need of the hour as they are making it count when it matters the most.


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