Commercial Lawyers


What is commercial law?

Commercial law is also called business law and is related to the rights, relations and conduct of individuals who are engaged in commerce, trade, sales and merchandise. In general, commercial law governs broad areas including a number of fields like:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Banking
  • Consumer credits
  • Landlord-tenant issues
  • Mortgages
  • Real estate issues
  • Sales issues
  • Secured transactions
  • Contracts
  • Debater and creditor issues

Individuals who deal with the commercial law related aspects are called Commercial Lawyers. As with all other types of lawyers, they deal with cases emerging from commercial disputes and involving one of the above matters. They work on broad spectrum of transactions, ranging from substantial outsourcing, project development agreements to joint ventures and day-to-day manufacture issues.

Various aspects of commercial law

Commerce is basically the key factor of our democratic society. In order to become economically sound, commerce must be attractive to businesses. A good way to ensure this is to have a strong set of laws and regulations protecting your business. This means that one should resolutions ready at hand when commercial disputes go out of hand. Commercial law and commercial lawyers provides businessmen that platform. Most of the legal issues dealt by commercial solicitors are heard in the Commercial Court or the business court when the business relates to a particular jurisdiction.

What do commercial solicitors do?

The work of a commercial lawyer begins with obtaining required instruction and then supporting the facts with proper evidences. The case should be reviewed thoroughly and the significant data and facts are picked out. A proficient commercial law firm is expert at researching case law along with gaining insights about its former precedents, preparing pleadings and attending regular commercial advice sessions with clients.

Commercial lawyers arrange for settlement wherever necessary. They also present motions and arguments before courts in case the issue enters into litigation.

While litigation a commercial business, understanding a client’s needs is an important factor for those involved in commercial law. A reputed attorney should have skills required for bringing a win-win situation in a commercial law related case. He should be expert at negotiation and boasts of commercial awareness. Commercial lawyers also need to keep their knowledge up-to-date with current business and commercial law alteration. He should be flexible enough to adapt to amendments in the legislation and regulations in all jurisdictions involved in a particular case.

Looking for Commercial lawyers

If you are looking for a lawyer to deal with your case, you normally have to hire one who has a top-class degree in law school and extensive experience of participating in cases relating to your profile. Work experience in other non-commercial areas of law serves as an added advantage.

When looking for commercial lawyers, one should understand that every business profile has its own issues and magnitude of complexities. An attorney with expertise in the type of business your company deals with will be able to provide more practical advice and effective advocacy in your case. He will be able to find a solution to your legal problems.

Types of commercial lawyers

  1. Contract-these lawyers understand your business instantaneously. They are capable of preparing standard form contracts one needs with customers, suppliers and clients.
  2. Business lawyers-these lawyers can help you with the decision of going for either a corporation or a limited liability company to organize a business
  3. Taxes and licenses-these lawyers know how to register your business for state and federal tax identification numbers.
  4. Real estate-lawyers dealing with real estate deals with leases of commercial spaces such as retail stores and office buildings. A real estate commercial attorney has a standard tenant’s addendum that contains provisions to benefit the client.
  5. Intellectual property-if you are in media, design or other related industry, a commercial law lawyer can assist in registering your products and services for copyright protection as well as for federal trademark.

It is observed that entrepreneurs and business owners hire attorneys when it is too late for the attorney to be much help. This happens as they try to negotiate sales of goods on their own and without knowing the legal requirements under their state’s UCC version. Much often, this leads to canceled contracts, vanished profits and legal penalties in case other party decides to sue the company.

The solution lies in the approach of business owners towards their hiring. Instead of navigating through the law on their own, they should immediately consult a commercial law attorney early in the contract process to ascertain that their best interests and legal rights are protected.

When entrapped in a commercial dispute, one should stay sensible and explore all his options before hiring a legal attorney. If the need arises, the choice of lawyer should be done with a levelheaded and rational approach.


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