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    Legal professionals should join hands in fighting infringement of human rights

    Professor Gillian Triggs

    According to Professor Gillian Triggs (pictured), Australian lawyers need to take the human rights issue seriously and be unified towards helping human rights victims get justice. “The country’s concentration on human rights has been down in this ending year. I call upon all personnel in the legal profession industry to take a more unified and […]

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    Domestic Violence offenders should be subjected to tougher laws

    Domestic violence

    Domestic violence has made many women to become homeless prompting discussion by some political parties of dismantling the whole family court system. In fact, the issue has become so extreme to the extent of damaging psychological aspects of Domestic Violence. Actually, DV is not a new issue in Australia. For far too long, the separation […]

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    Innovation is the key to client retention

    Legal tech

    A leading international law firm is planning to win more clients by implementing innovative and unique client care strategies. “We are aiming to offer unique service that will match with the new state in the ever-changing legal market. This will help us meet our clients’ needs accordingly,” said Allens partner Anna Collyer, while speaking to […]

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    The Attorney-General should resign, says ALA

    A-G George Brandis

      The Australian Lawyers Alliance have expressed their grievances regarding the gross misconduct of George Brandis who happens to be the current Commonwealth Attorney-General. Tony Kenyon, who is the national president of ALA, said that the resignation of Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson SC explained the fact that Senator Brandis was unfit to hold the position as […]

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    Lawyers Have Been Advised to Effectively Market their Legal Practice

    Win more clients

    Australian Lawyers have been advised to effectively market their legal practice in order to win more clients. They need to implement effective and powerful strategies that will put them on top of their game. Aussie Lawyer Blog consulted with one of the leading global recognisable brands on how firms can market themselves. Here are some […]

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    Telecommunications lawyers in rising demand

    There is increasing need of lawyers specialising in telecommunications, media and technology since the digital media platform is rapidly growing. The world is changing and much revolution has been brought by the recent surge of telecommunications, media and technology. However, the rumours surrounding these key areas makes it easy for many people to lose sight […]

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    More Aussie Lawyers are Needed by London Legal Market

    The London legal market is creating unique opportunities for more Australian lawyers given the fact that Australian and English law have distinct similarities. “Given the similarities between English and Australian law, not forgetting their high standard of legal education, Australian lawyers are in high demand in UK’s biggest city and legal market,” said Michael Gorrie, […]