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What is criminal defence law?

Criminal defence law is that area of judicial system that involves legal procedures associated with people who have been accused of committing crimes. To undertake a criminal case, the law enforcement companies and government prosecutors have extensive resource ready at their disposal. This calls for the need of defence lawyers to come into act and save their clients from the risk of sentencing or other related penalties. The defense of criminals depends upon the skills of their defence lawyers. If your looking to be compensated for a trim please see the page “Compensation Lawyers


Why do you need defence lawyers?

Professional defence lawyers usually know how to utilize constitutional rights to the advantages of the clients they are defending. This makes them high in demand during complex criminal cases. Usually, all criminal cases are based upon the proofs and evidences collected by police or other government officials. This includes physical items, witnesses’ statements, assets like alcohol tests and so on. But, the laws generally prohibit the police from using unreasonable searches and seizures to gather evidence. This is where defence attorneys seek the advantage. They may ask the court to suppress the evidence while prohibiting its use in the trial.


Securing a win with a defence lawyer

When a criminal case reaches the boundaries of the court, one key to success of the defendant is the presentation of a coherent and persuasive theory by his criminal defence lawyer. This also helps prove that the defendant is innocent and falsely accused. A lawyer defending a case will surely leverage this theory throughout the trial to seek acquittal. Creating a narration that resonates with jury member is the key to reinforce their pre-existing beliefs about the situation of the crime. In a nutshell, developing the right theory and supporting it with appropriate evident will bring the case in defendant’s favor.


Finding criminal defence lawyers

While securing a win with a good strategy might be one phase of the coin, the other remains finding a good attorney to secure that win. For this, you need to search your sources and find out the ways of hiring the best defense lawyer. One would not want to risk prison by hiring an unprofessional defence lawyer.


Referrals: It is the traditional way of finding a good criminal defense lawyer. If you are in touch with somebody who has been to court many times, you may ask him for the referral of a reputed lawyer. Sometimes, the defender’s office is willing to suggest some good options of defence lawyers. Alternatively, you may ask your friends or family for some suggestions or recommendations of a good criminal defence lawyer.


Internet: the internet of new things has given rise to huge possibilities. Needless to say, legal world is not untouched from its upshot. Nowadays, people often search over net when finding a suitable lawyer to represent their particular case. There are various lawyers who have set up their online portfolio through which their clients can reach them effortlessly. is one such site dedicated to offer efficient services of criminal defence lawyers in Australia.


Finding lawyers in courtroom: courtroom observation is another unique yet effective method of finding solution to your criminal defence problems. You may sit in some public sessions of court where criminal cases resembling your case’s profile are being argued. If a lawyer’s performance strikes you, you may opt to hire him for your own case.


Directories: there are number of legal directories from which you can search for the contact numbers of lawyers residing in and around your area. Our lawyer search engine is available for free at Aussie Lawyer Directory (


Background check of a criminal defence lawyer

When you visit a lawyer’s firm, it is imperative to check for his background work including case histories and achievements. Finding whether he has prior experience in defending similar charges will give your case a competitive advantage. For example, if you are charged for a wrongful death, you would not want a lawyer who has primarily dealt with DUI cases. Choosing the right lawyer with right profile is a good way to go. Besides, here are few questions that you should ask your lawyer before hiring him for defending a case:

  • What are your qualifications? Where did you attend law school?
  • How would you describe your relationship with prosecution officials? Do you regularly negotiate plea agreements with prosecutors?
  • Are you familiar with charges against me? Have you previously represented such cases?
  • Do you belong to any legal organization? If yes, please give the details.



Criminal defense is a delicate and severe matter! It’s your life at stake and to protect it, you need to rely totally on your lawyer. Hence, the choice of criminal defence lawyer plays a major role in bringing peace to your life. One should always take care in selecting his criminal defence lawyer.


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