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    We Back High Court Challenge to Marriage Equality Postal Vote, says ALHR

    marriage equality

    Last week, the government issued a statement that it will go on with the nonbinding, non-compulsory postal vote. “We back the constitutional challenge that is expected to be heard on 5th and 6th September,” said Nicholas Stewart, co-chair of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights. Mr. Stewart said that the organisation condemned the proposal because it […]

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    A quick dive into the millennial legal market

    Millennials are increasingly changing how the legal market operates. They are breaking the rules and applying their own tactics. Yes, they are embracing advanced technologies to enhance their legal services. The legal profession is experiencing changes due to the seismic shift being driven by millennials. In this post, I am going to discuss four ways in […]

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    ALHR Speaks Regarding Alleged Killing of Afghan Civilians

    The allegations were exposed by ABC who claimed that they received leaked information that confirms Afghan civilians, including women and children, got killed by the Defence Force members. The ABC stated that there is a certain document that specifically demonstrates established cultural differences within the Australian Defence Force members. The ABC has stated that they […]

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    4 Ways to build more confidence as a lawyer


    As a lawyer, one often encounters moments when they feel like they can’t take it anymore. The feeling of low self-esteem is sometimes experienced amongst lawyers. While many people may assume the negative effects of low self-esteem, it is important to take note that you need to have confidence as a lawyer. And yes, there […]

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    We will focus on Implementing Bill of Rights, says LCA

    Last week included a lot of legal activities. The major activity was that of LCA – a leading body for Australian lawyers. The Law Council of Australia has claimed that there have been many issues regarding human rights that needed immediate attention. Hence, they have decided to put the bill of rights on top of […]

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    SA Legal Body Questions Government Move

    SA Law Society claims that the government’s move should be looked into deeply. The legal body stated that making the Land Services Group private raised eyebrows because there is minimal transparency of the privatisation process. The legal body added that lack of transparency showed that there may be increased consumer costs, lower quality service or […]

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    3 Ways That Law Firms Can Effectively Market Their Legal Services

    The main reason why many law firms lose or get few clients is because they don’t engage in realistic business development activities. In such cases, you will find that some lawyers often fail to authentically connect with potential clients or they waste time on the wrong activities. In this new age, it is equally important […]

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    Australian Family Lawyers Praise an Innovative Approach

    The event took place on Wednesday. The Family Advocacy and Support Service (FASS), was launched in Western Sydney by the Commonwealth Attorney-General George Brandis QC. FASS will be responsible for recruiting new lawyers who have experience in family law and have tackled several issues in the state. On the other hand, the lawyers who get […]